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Learning Disabilities Support 

Supporting You & Your Family 


We take a person-centered approach with our clients 
Encourage and help clients make choices 
Esteem and bring out the best in clients 
Respect other people and the differences in people 
Kind, friendly and compassionate towards clients 


Emotional and wellbeing support 
Accompanying to social activities, events, and groups 
Accompanying on holiday 
Helping with cooking 
Helping with shopping 
Personal care including showering and washing 
Support with managing money 


We plan effectively 
Set high standards 
Take a coaching approach and ask questions 
We are willing to take considered risk 
Always aim to achieve by making things happen 
Ready to help clients try new things 
Be part of any changes to improve things 
Sometimes start the changes necessary to reach choices 
Nurture and grow a ‘can do’ attitude in clients and ourselves 

Why choose us 

We are committed to what we do.  
Our hearts aim to do better everyday by following plans that have a flexible approach to how we support our clients. We set high standards and plan effectively while taking on a coaching role. We want to establish a ‘can do’ in our clients and improve their social links. We are ready to think outside the box because of our flexible adventurous and creative attitude. We are ready to work with all types of clients because we are resilient and have great teamwork which prepares and enables us to solve problems and make change happen. 
Cornellius Healthcare employs specialist Support Workers who empower clients achieve a good quality of life by enhancing their independence, achieve goals, and be part of their community and enlarging their social network. Our care and support training and delivery is structured in meeting the aims of the specialist model which focuses on meeting the following key targets. 

Quality of Life 

People should be treated with respect and dignity. Their care and support should be personalised with individual aims and goals. There is a great desire to let people live in their own homes within the community. There is a drive to encourage clients to take part in community activities and be visibly identified in their community. 

Keeping people safe 

People are supported to take positive risks while protecting them from harm and abuse which can take place in a variety of environment or settings. Promoting an open culture and transparent reporting and acting on findings and lessons learned. Our management and staff are aware and trained in safeguarding. 

Choice and control 

People should have choice and control over their healthcare and support. They should make their own decisions, moving away from parental decision makers. All decisions should be made in line with the Mental Capacity Act. Where people have no capacity, they should be supported to make decisions with their best interests with the help of those that know them well. We believe in continuity of care and support and aim to have the support team assigned to each client. 

Support & Intervention 

Should be delivered in the least restrictive way. Where restrain is used for their protection or of others this is done for the least time possible using the least restrictive manner in line with Positive Proactive Care. 

Equitable Outcomes 

To support those service users with learning disabilities or and autism to access specialist health and social care expertise within the community in line with the Equality Act legislation. 
Please get in touch today to find out how we can help, for more information call us on 0161 302 0775 or email 
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