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Our Story, Our Values and Our Vision 

Our Story 

We are proud of more than 30 years’ expert experience in the NHS, a charitable well-known organisation which specializes in palliative and end of life care, and specialist care homes which look after individuals with complex care needs. This wealth of experience has enabled Cornellius Healthcare to become an expert in bespoke healthcare that focuses on high-quality individualised care in acute and community settings. 
Cornellius Healthcare is well-led, communicates well with its dedicated staff and uses modern technology to achieve a service of excellence daily. 

Our Values 

Our values remain steadfast in delivering high quality care everyday to all those we care for. We extend this role to an advisory role and to anywhere we see care being offered. We support the care industry and aim to promote it by offering a service that compliments other care service providers in both acute settings and within communities. We aim to empower the client to plan and structure how their care is delivered. 

Our Vision 

Our vision is to write a new narrative for the care industry. We remain committed to the belief that everyone, our clients, and staff are unique, having particularities yet sharing similarities with everyone. As care providers, we want to improve care quality across the UK. 
Wishing you all a Happ New Year! We aim to provide a reliable caring service throughout the year. 
Our staff follow your plan of care and are quick to report changes in your health in order to avoid any anxieties or crisis.  
Please get in touch today to find out how we can help, for more information call us on 0161 302 0775 or email 
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